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Couldnt stand it anymore had to get out and see what Trinity looked like. Called my old man and we were on our way. Hit the ramp and the smell of decay was pretty funky probably some cows our hogs on the bank, anyway we made our way through the marsh hit the bay and sandy to tea stain water colored water. My dad was a little discouraged but it is no different than the water we fish in LA so we set up a drifted and started picking up fish. We probably had 8 - 10 fish in an 1hr 1/2 kept 4 to start resupplying my freezer. All and all a decent couple of hours on the water. Got checked by two game wardens and come to find out my dad forgot to get a new licenses so im sure he will be paying a good ticket which i think is kinda a chickens hit. The man has been fishing for 30+ years without an infraction and they are probably gonna nail him for it. Oh well just part of the game i guess.

Capt Brent Juarez


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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