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Rough today (but at least it was off-color). Had it all to ourselves except for a coupla baiters who didn't say very long.
Fishable down the beach prior to storms, only marginally fishable as you neared the Pass. Lots of activity for 2 hours after dawn, but caught
dinks only, 52M's--threw tops till my arm was tired, worked coupla hundred yards of beachfront, 2nd-3rd guts. Threw silver spoon looking for SM to no avail--not even a skipjack.
School of bull reds surprised me; I thought it was sharks until one broke at my side; at least 42" after applying pucker factor adjustment.
It must have been after my wallet, but luckily I left it in the truck.

Galveston seawall surf butt ugly as of 11 AM.

Congrats to those who slept in.
Independence to all.
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