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You could do like a guy at work did. He took a fan off of a chevy truck and put it on a edger engine.. Low budget operation....it worked. I got mine from Culver props.It is a wooden prop. But I don`t have any info. It is 7 years old and I urethaned it a couple of years ago..I think it cost just under $200. Marshland Marine in Mont Belvieu may be able to help you. But really, you don`t want a flounder rig. It will spoil you. Make you fat and lazy. Keep walking... While at the beach house last week I went out in East Bay on Tues. and saw three small ones and a couple of mud trails. On Fri. I didn`see any. The water was too muddy and the tide was super low..I`m sure you`ve looked on the net for props.....Stealth Mode Flounder Pounder
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