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Flounder boat lights

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Have old style bulb type,need to up date! Any answers?
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What are you looking for, i get the Appelton lights with two 100 watt bulbs, for front, and one 100 watt for the side, 12 volts.. but pulls close to 50 amps total at 12 volts, less for a higher voltage,
I would look for floodlights made for ag tractors. They need to put out lotsa light and be tough.

On a related tangent, I got some of those 23W energy-saver floodlights (R40, I think) to replace some 100W floodlights I have around the property. Those things put out a LOT of light, seem to light up at least 2x more area than the 100W floodlights that they replaced. They are basically a CFL bulb placed inside of a floodlight housing that is highly reflective. They are also UL-rated to operate in moist environments. Maybe they would work with a power inverter on your boat (or maybe you already have AC output with your generator). They fit right into a landscape lighting socket, which shouldn't be too hard to rig up on the boat. I think the bulbs were around $7 each.
Sorry,, I use the outdoor Hummbell Lights
Are the hunnbell 12 volt?
Do you keep these in stock,and price. Do you keep gigs in stock?10ft?
I have the lights in stock, will have to check the price at the shop. I have gigs, at the welding shop, and have to pick them up today, When checking on a boat getting the alum, work done to rig out, Alum handle, with S.S. allthread points, on them.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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