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With all the talk lately about catching a "unicorn" in the Gulf... I just wanted to share some pics from last nights Swordfish tourney. It's the Hydroglow Summer Series event and this series is the largest swordfish tourney I believe with it's 3 events. Typically the Summer tourney produces the smaller fish and not many fish are caught. Approx 50% of the boats catch fish so it was a really good time for most.

1st - Rumblefish - 246.4/79in.
2nd - Insomniac - 198/69in.
3rd - Frick & Frack - 155/66.5in.
4th - Controlled Slack - 104/60in.
5th - Hard Rock - 99.8/63in.
15 fish weighed
20 released (unofficial)
1 mako - 260 lbs caught by Chips Ahoy
1 yellow fin - 75lbs. caught by team KMC Marine

An interesting point is that the Rumblefish is Team Swordlight and has won the HydroGlow tourney 2 of the last 3 years.

Here's some pics...

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