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I am going to be installing some hardwood flooring in my living room, a space of about 250 sq ft. I am doing hardwood cherry, not laminate. I have seen the advertisements for Bella Wood which is sold by lumber liquidators. The Bella wood is very attractively priced, the engineered flooring which is a hardwood unlayment with a thin vaneer on top is about $2.88/sq ft and the solid 3/8" hardwood plank is something like $3.50/sq ft. The guys at the store advised that the engineered flooring is easier to install due to it being straighter and more resistent to warp while the solid plank requires dealing with more natural irregularities which occur in solid hardwood plank flooring. For all of you flooring experts, what is your opinion of this perticular flooring first and foremost, and secondly what has been your experience in dealing with the engineered flooring versus the solid hardwood plank? Does one hold up any better than the other? When I asked about this at the store the response was that the engineered veneer will wear just as well and be just as dent proof at the solid plank due to the fact that the excess thickness of the plank really is irrelevent when it comes to added durability of the flooring. Any recommendations on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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