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Flag Wrap

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Hey boy, stand up and salute when you see Old Glory! This is one of my favorite wraps. There ain't no place in this world like the good Ole USA.


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That is what we call a cross wrap, same as making diamonds, chevrons, not a weave. It is a very old pattern that has been around a long time. I also did one of a confederate flag on a surf rod for a friend of mine down in the Valley.
Doc, that is a picture of a rod I made in '86. My wife found the picture while cleaning out a closet. Back in '78 at a boat show a fellow had a booth and was showing several custom rods. One was a rod with the flag wrap on it and the rod blank was a Kennedy-Fisher blank. I had never seen a rod so pretty and I struck up a conversation with him. He sold me some blanks and got me started doing crosswraps. Before that time I had been doing some simple stuff on Fenwick glass blanks.
That is a rod that I built in '86 using a Fenwick SP845 blank. Back then many companies offered white spinning and casting blanks.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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