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I have a house rented on Oyster Creek for 2 weeks. Will take boat from BYB to Freeport via "ditch" and will be staying 8/1 - 8/13 and will try n fish daily and possibly a overnite trip if the weather gods permit. Need a little info on local points of intrest. Will have to feel my way into and out of "Hide-a-Way on the Gulf as cabins in this sub-division, and then under bridge n into the Gulf. Would like to "buddy boat" offshore or perhaps fill with crew knowlegable in the water off Freeport. Have been doing research in my Hiltons and Rik Jabobsons book, Rik will come down and fish with me but havnt set a date as of yet. Would like to hook my dad up with some fish as this will be his first trip in the bluewater since comming home from the Korean war in 1953. Have a 30ft Proline with 2 225 oceanrunners and a 300 gal fuel cap. Get back as we will be leaving Sunday noon from Bolivar.
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