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Sorry for the late report... Went fishing with Hooked Upx2 (Hooked up's wife) Monday night at a private pier in San Leon. Got out there late, about 10:30 pm, turned on the big lights and the bait started moving in. After about a half hour it was ON BIGTIME!! Trout were popping the surface and slurping EVERYWHERE!
Bait was mostly small glass minnows and every trout caught was showers glass minnows all over the pier.
12 fish retained with several smaller ones let go to grow up. Several other nice fish lost due to them hitting the lures so close to the pier and not getting a proper hookset on them.
Artificial clear plastics with split tails were used to catch them.

range of those kept were 18" to 25"

Night time under the lights seems to be the ticket right now.



1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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