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the day started off not being able to find live shrimp. finally called saltgrass bait and tackle and they said they had 5 tanks of live shrimp. this was at 6:15 pm on 6/6/06...showed up at 9:20 pm 3 hours later and they only had 1 tank left..started fishing the san luis pass pier at 11:00 pm by midnight we had 11 keeper trout. and probably threw back 25 to 30 6 inch to 14 inch trout between midnight and 5:30. we were catching these trout on speck rigs... the trout were thick at the pier..sharks to!..you could have thrown a cast net and got a limit of trout under the lights. well we headed to the surf with the live shrimp at beach access road 3 being a new day we were hoping for limits plus the 11 we already had. conditions got a bit windy but the trout were thick in the surf and there was a ton of baitfish.. the bite was non stop every cast. i was in waist deep water and could see my feet on the bottom ...we used 2 and a half quarts of shrimp between 6:30 and 8:30am.....in othr words we had a hell of a day.. we cam home with 27 keeper trout.. i would call that a great morning!!!!!!!!! good luck fishing guys. all together i would say we caught about 80 to 90 trout total big and small. biggest was 20 inches.. the fish are there go get em while you can.......
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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