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Fishing, there are no rules, only regulations. So next time you're on the water and coming up zero or with nothing but dinks do something different from the way you usually do. I fish every other week usually for three days and if nothing else the fish teach me something new all the time. Also there's nothing quite like being in a boat with a 12 year old, having him put it on you really bad 'cause he's fishing with something that's not suppossed to work to teach you some humility.At that point all you can do is ask, "hey kid,you got another one of those ".
Backing up a little there are some things that aren't rules but might earn you a slap in the back of the head:
It's gonna die anyway, we might as well keep it
Nah, I can hold on right here, go ahead and nail it.
I thought you put the beer in the cooler.
Didn't YOU hook up the drift anchor.
Oil, what oil?
I'm sure this is the cut, we can make it.

Anyway I'm sure y'all could fill it in from there, the point is I'll be in POC thursday nite and this time of the year more often than not you've got to change your mind set if you want to have a "successful" day fishing. Happy Thanksgiving to All, Frank
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