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With thunderstorms threating everyday down here we decided to get in an early trip. Hit the water while still dark and decended upon Rattlesnake Bay with no other boats in sight. Just enough wind to get a good drift and enough water to keep us happy.

Found a huge school of mullet and knew there had to be fish around. Fished the outsides of the school and started nailing the reds on top water. The red my buddy is holding the in picture hit his plug so hard it sounded like a toilet flushing. Fished about fifty yards from the spoil banks inside rattlesnake. Started our drift from the southern most point and drifted all the way to the northern most point. As more boats poured into our fishing area we headed to Cullen to close out our trip with four more reds. Reds in Cullen were had on Berkly Jerk bait , white.

All fish were released and waiting for you guys to go get 'em.

Leason learned: Never put a pack of Gulp baits in your Columbia shirt while wading unless you are sure the bag is completly colsed. I smelled horrible all day with a big yellow stain on my shirt.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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