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Fishing Report - A tough day for Team Stringer...

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I'm still laughing at the scene on the TC Dike this morning. It was like a zoo. People, boats and trailers everywhere. Naturally, we kinda got a late start, so we got caught up in the mix. But, I scooted past the thirty odd rigs parked at Boyd's and pulled in at Anita's to pick up some live shrimp. Then it was off to the ramp...and wait, and wait, and wait. I knew this was gonna happen, so we fell in with the rest of the gang sitting out on the road. Remember those thirty odd rigs that were still behind me? :) They were still behind me!

Off and running, we went straight to the Bolivar Pocket and drifted there for awhile - not a bite. I got a call from SpeckleCatcher. They were down the beach a ways so we headed down there to try our luck. No luck there either. So, we ran back through the boat cut and anchored near the PORTS meterological station tower. I caught one spec there. Then it was off to East Bay. The farther I went, the worse the water looked. I finally gave up at Sievers Cut and returned to the Galveston Channel. We made a pit stop at the yacht basin, then hit a couple of our favorite flounder holes. Lo and behold, we managed to catch a couple more specs to 17". That was it. 48.7 mile trip with three fish to show for it. But, it was fun and I'm ready to do it again next time.

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Good report Mike

I in no way claim to know what you know about fishin but I have found that them 48 mile three fish trips eventually turn into 20 fish 8 mile trips. Keep pluggin ol buddy, today was too purty not to be in the mix. I still think someone should set up a web cam at the ramp at the end of the dike. Thats about as good a entertainment as it gets these days. 100 boats, 3 ramps, and lots of hot heads equals lots of interesting moments.

Woo Wee! The load out...

was almost as bad as the launching. At one point I counted 13 boats in the basin either loading out or waiting their turn or coming in from the bay!

But I have to give Pat all the credit in the world. She did a great job of getting the truck and backing the trailer into position. Ya know, she's a little bit hard headed ( :) ), and she wasn't gonna let that bunch get to her. And she did an outstanding job. They weren't waiting on us. No Sireee.
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