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Went out with Dan fishing on his boat "ON A MISSION". Left out of Sargent early Monday morning greated with smooth seas. First stop was a rig about 35 miles out. Limited out on snapper and made bait. As we headed out we stopped at about 7 shrimp boats and saw nothing, not even a weed line. At about 55 miles out we caught 2 ling, 4 kings, 3 nice AJ's, and a 6' shark. A beautiful day in the Bluewater. Thanks again Dan, I had a great time!!!


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3 days of fishing and I am Beat!

Well, I have finally recovered enough to file an addendum to this report……

With the weather window looking as it did from 7-22 thru 7-24 we (Robert & I) decided that a 3 day fishing boondoggle was in order! So quickly, I was able to arrange 3 days of fishing with 3 different crews.

7-22 Day 1 (Crew Robert, Josh - Neverenough & Justin)

Seas are good 1 ½' chop going out but getting better tomorrow (Monday & Tuesday)

Make a few stops at shimpers out at 20 miles only holding schools of Jack Crev and one ling (missed not interested). Water looks good. Keep going stop a more shimpers at 30 miles nothing at home. No one interested in trades.

Stop at a rig 35 miles out get a quick (4) man limit of snapper to 19" in 15 minutes. New reg's don't take long (1-drop = limit ). Stop at a nearby standpipe and Sabiki for livey's for bait. No weed lines to speak of and what we did find was disorganized and nothing on it!

Continue on the deeper water to hopefully find some AJ's. We make a few drifts move around a few times. Were picking up a few b-liners and one of the livey's goes off ….. Wait…..set to hook…..Fish on!

After a good fight ~30+ lbs AJ in the boat! *Note to self (fish holding at 150')

Drop again set line depth at 150' - boom reel lights up again set hook fish on - Josh's turn ~30+lbs personal best

Drop again set line depth at 150' - boom reel lights up again set hook fish on - Justins's turn ~30+lbs First ever AJ's

While we were fighting the AJ's Mr Ling and friend (both legal) decided to pay a visit! Not ready and when we did get ready, they were not interested and abruptly left! 0- 3 on ling for the day

*Note to self (always have a baited rod ready)

Last AJ of the day was caught by Robert and it was a ~40+

Talley for the day 4 man limit of snapper and Amberjack and 10 B-liners

Sorry no Pic's

Buy Gas - Clean Boat - Clean Reels - Clean Fish (Real Tired long day)

7-23 Day 2 (Crew Robert & Greg - Oyster Shucker)

Seas are flat 6" roller going out but supposedly better tomorrow? (Tuesday)

Anyone ever see a movie called Groundhogs Day! Went to the same places as the day before

See description Day 1 above for trip out, snapper and AJ's details

Remember note to self………Boated both of those Lings!

The Aj in the Pic is a ~50+lb that was a hoss to get in. Absolutely one brutal fight that lasted a good 20 minutes. I came across the quote about Aj's and I thought it would be appropriate

"The Atlantic and Gulf Amberjack is a sought after game fish because of its ability to smoke a drag on a good quality reel and tear a drag out of a cheap one. This fish has junked as many reels, broke as many lines and ****** off as many anglers as any fish in the ocean."

The one thing that amazed me the most about this fish was the numerous lines running from his mouth to the top of his head and to his dorsal fin. There where at least a dozen visible line marks. It appears the above statement at least for this fish was true!

Talley for the day see earlier pic and post

Buy Gas - Clean Boat - Clean Reels - Clean Fish (Really Tired Longer Day)

7-24 Day 3 (Crew Robert , Robert's son Nick & my friend Andy)

Seas are good 1 ½' chop but not as good as forecasted

Decided to press our luck and see if the previous 2 days would hold for a triple header. Advised Andy of what the day held for him. He rolled his eyes and said sure! Little did he know……

See description Day 1 above for trip out, snapper and AJ's details.

We did have a double up on AJ and had to return one unharmed to fight another day! After we got our work done decide to head out to the buoy and trolling for Dorado, Wahoo and Tuna. Ended up with one 5lb Dorado. The weather started looking a little iffy so decide to head in. Stopped off at a couple of shimpers on the way back in but nothing. Did have one interested in a trade. Got about 25lbs of shimp for an 18 pack left over from last year!

Talley for the day 4 man limit of snapper and Amberjack and 5 B-liners 1 Dorado and 1 Rainbow Runner

Sorry no Pic's

Buy Gas - Clean Boat - Clean Reels - Clean Fish (Exhausted long week)

All in All for the 3 day managed to get a 2 (4 man) and 1 (3 man) limit of snapper and AJ all three days!

I am extremely happy about that and me and my wallet now need a break!

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Man that is really hardcore, Dan. Three summers ago I did two days in a row with separate crews and the whole clean-up, drive home and start over in the morning thing. I was so beat at the end of the second day that I was more shuffling than walking. Three in row deserves a star on your man card. Great reports of three fine trips.
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