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This would have been a nice one for Thomas for the spot tournament...had it not been cancelled. A little too small though, maybe next year :D Pretty little guy.

We went all over the place. It was "take your brother fishing day" so Thomas (texxan1) and his brother and I piled in the Mosca at 6am and decided to hit the jetties. We played around there for a couple hours, I put two trout in the box :D, and then we drifted Bolivar Pocket for a bit. Lots of bait, some trout, some small smacks, a few sharks, a funnelcloud, and one bluefish on a spinner.

Saw some weather coming so we headed out of there about noon to west bay. Fished Greens for a couple more trout in the box (Thomas) and one keeper red (brother) and a bunch of rat reds and dink trout.

We came off the water at about 4 which made for a really long day. If we had quit at 2 we probably wouldnt be so worn out, lol! This fishing is hard work sometimes.

At the jetties we fished mostly live (shad), and in greens mostly artificial.
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