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It has been some time since our last post but most know first hand the reason why. Although we did not get much damage from Gustav or Ike things were still shut down for the most part and power went out for both storms. Gustav about two weeks and Ike was about a week. Hwy. 23(hwy. from New orleans to venice) had about 7 ft. of water on it from Ike in some spots which made getting down to venice accesible by the levee system only. There were damaged roofs, front porches, very minor damage. I know a lot of readers on this board were hit hard by Ike and are getting your lives back together. I have fished a lot of good folkes from this board and from Texas so I hope all of you made it thru o.k. Getting things back to normal will take a while for some of the hardest hit areas but everyday will get better.

On to the fishing which wasn't as good as I had expected it to be. We finally got out on Friday (9/19) and Sat. (9/20). These were the first decent weather days since Ike passed thru and no one that I know of had been fishing. I figured the fish would be jumping in the boat, WRONG! The weather was not the best Friday morning. Capt. Bob K had the Salinas group from Pensacola Fla. and I took out Mike Brown and crew from Oklahoma. Our target was tuna since they were piled up before we got all the weather. Unfortunately, we went back to the areas that produced for us just about all summer long and it was slooooow. Nothing going on. At noon we both decided to run north and chase cobia, since this is the best time of year to cobia fish for us. My crew managed 1 cobia and Capt. Bob and his crew caught two. We fished them hard for most of the afternoon but couldn't get on them. On Saturday the guys opted to stay closer since the wind was blowing about 18 knots so they finished the day with about 20 mangroves. It was our first trips since Gustav came in to the gulf on 8/28/08 and it certainly wasn't as good as expected. However, I am sure it was just the two days. We are back to business as usual. So when you guys are ready to come over we will be chasing tuna. We've got two 32ft.Twin Vees and 1 29ft. twin vee to choose from. October is one of our better months and the fish are usually in close. Other species we fish for are amberjack, grouper, wahoo, and cobia during this time. You could also get a shot at a late season marlin or mahi mahi.

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