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Fishing in Lake Nasworthy

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Anyone ever fished in Lake Nasworthy?

We evacuated from Hurricane Ike and stayed with my familia in San Angelo this past weekend. Came back home with some minor damage to my house, leaning fence, uprooted tree and missing a few shingles, it could have been a lot worse. But trust me it's nothing compared to what the people from Bolivar and Galveston experienced.

I took my family fishing by the spillwell in Lake Nasworthy this past Monday. I have not fished that area in over 16 years. I remember spending my summers with my Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles in San Angelo. It brought back so many great memories taking my son fishing and spending time in San Angelo.

Anyways I was at a little bait shop over there and I noticed a few pictures of some Redfish that were caught in Lake Nasworthy. Apparently these Redfish were introduced when the Lake was first created. I spoke with the owner of the bait shop and he told me that most of the redfish are pretty much gone. It's too bad I never had a chance to catch one when I used to fish there as a kid. Anyone ever fish in Lake Nasworthy or in and around San Angelo??????
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Same here, my wife even mentioned about moving there before. She's from a small town in the Panhandle and she doesn't really like Houston too much. With all of the Hurricanes that we've had she even brings it up even more. But there is no way that I could find a job there that compares to the one I have now.

Only 1 response???????
I've never fished it. The reds can't reproduce in the lake so they just get big and die. I've sailed and boated in twin butes and o.c. fisher. My family still lives out there but, they don't fish. They do duck hunt from time to time though.
Lake Nasworthy

This brings back many memories. I was born and raised in San Angelo until I was 12 when we moved to Alabama.(In 1946)

I remember catching what the regulars referred to as 'Government Bass" which would really give you a pull.

I remember during the war that that they had a big white line painted on the bank downstream from the dam keeping saboteurs away.

My Uncle Buster Russell used to swim down under the ledges with a bamboo? stick with a hook in the end with a line attached to his wrist. He would poke/prod those huge catfish until he got one turned around when he would hook it in the mouth. Then he would proceed to the surface to fight it. Sometimes, you couldn't tell who was the bloodiest; the fish or Uncle Buster. RIP

I also remember some hefty strings of catfish caught on trotlines. C2
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Poppabear, Yes I have been fishing lake Nasworthy for fifty years. In 1979 I caught the state record Hybrid Striper out of Nasworthy, it weighed 17.8 lbs. In the mid 90s while bass fishing I felt that familar thump and set the hook on what turned out to be a 40inch redfish. Redfish were put in the lake sometime after WTU built the power plant. They did well for a number of years until wtu shut the plant down. The first bad winter we had killed most of the Redfish,they are unable to survive cold water. San Angelo is a great place to live for outdoorsmen. Good Fishing, Curt
I agree,

I have so many many great memories from spending my summers there with my Tia's and Tio's (Aunts and Uncles). For a city boy (Chicago born, Houston raised) spending my summers there hunting and fishing really taught me how to appreciate the outdoors.
Just a little more info on San Angelo. Most folks think we are out here in the desert but we are blessed with rivers ,lakes and wildlife all around us. It is true we are always looking for the next rain, in fact there is a joke around here that claims during Noahs flood San Angelo got a trace. We have four rivers that all merge in San Angelo. They are North Concho,Middle Concho,Spring Creek and the South Concho. The South Concho is one of the few rivers in the country that actually flow North. Our local lakes are Twin Buttes, O.C.Fisher and Lake Nasworthy. Just a short drive away are Spence,O.H. Ivey and others. Lake Amisted is only a couple hours or so away. Our local morning paper says Amisted is at 105% capasity. Wow! Hows that for a dry climate? WE feed the deer in our yard every day,can be fishing in minutes after work and have the friendliest folks in Texas. Good Fishing Curt
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Similar memories for me too. We would bank fish Nasworthy in the mid 70's when I was a kid visiting the grandparents. Caught a fresh water white drum one time. I thought I'd never get the stink off me.

I also remember all the Horny Toads. We can thank fire ants for the lack of HT's now.

Good times.
yea i was up there last jan-mar. fishing was not really that good. then again i didnt have much time since i was going to tech school on base at the time. but i did buy 3 guns while out there to pass the time! lol
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