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Fishing in 2004

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Many of you guys have been fishing these bays around here for many years! How does this year measure up to the past years. I am not interested in what the sports writers that are always being escorted by Pro's have to say ... I want to hear what the real fisherman think? Your everywhere all the time all year..Do4es it compare to any other years?
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It is probably just me but IMO the fishing is not as good this year as last year or two.
Seems like we can't get a break from the weather. Earlier in the year it was rain. Now it's that SW wind that really trashes the fishing. Last week when that norther came thru and calmed things down it was pretty good fishing for a few days. Then that SW wind came back and I haven't boxed a fish since.
Last year was good for redfish and flounder for me. This year I bet I haven't caught 10 keeper reds all year. Fish the same places and nothing is there? I don't know what is wrong. It does seem a lot hotter to me this summer than last.
It's probably an average year except like Moonpie says the weather hasn't given us much of a break. We had one decent period of no wind and green to the beach conditions but the overwhelming majority of trout have been small.
I mainly fish West Bay which isn't a great summer spot with the exception of the far West end and pass area. Redfish have been reliable in Southshore coves but trout over 20" have been spotty and hard to pattern. I've caught some 24"s that were fat and I believe one 27" back in late May.
I try and do C&R or just keep a fish for dinner. The best we can do is let some of them go back to grow larger and if you're catching 12-14" trout on every cast move and try and find bigger game.
I agree with all the above (weather, etc). However, I feel like this has been my best year to date for several reasons. I've learned more about targeting specific fish, learned more about tides, structure, became more comfortable using artificals (now if I can only learn to walk the dog), plus I've purchased a kayak that's allowed me to get to more areas to fish that I wasn't able to last summer. I mainly focused on wading the surf in Bolivar last year and wading in San Leon. Now I've switched ends of the island. I've spent more time in West Bay and Christmas Bay this summer than any place else. I've caught more flounder and trout than in any year previous. I haven't had as much luck with reds though...only a few undersized ones. We have a few more days to take full advantage of that 04 fishing licesen (sp?) and I plan to do just that. Here's wishing all of you a successful end to the 2004 year of fishin'. Let's hope 2005 is even better for us all.
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SW wind

Moonpie was saying that he doesn't like the SW wind. I myself had pretty good action during the SW wind especially on the surf. On a light north wind or a SW wind the beach is pretty flat and water is pretty clear. I can't stand to wade the surf when it's even a bit rought. I don't understand how most waders don't mind getting beaten up by the waves? I tried it one time when it was just a bit rough and couldn't stand it. I could have only imagined what it would have been like with a bait bucket tied to my waist. I do agree with the weather though earlier this year too much rain and wind and now the wind is starting up again. It was getting pretty good early in August but is now acting up again because of the cool fronts in the Mid-west.
seems as good as the past years. I fish down south mainly, but I've caught a limit of trout or a limit of reds every time i've gone fishing for them this year except once. It seems like as good a year as any other. A lot of it is knowing where to go even when the weather isn't cooperating.
For me it's just been very incosistent this year. One day your a hero and the next day nada.
I had what was probaly my best big trout day this year in east bay.
And I also had my worst trip to Mansfield when we hardly caught anything .
i think this year will go down as a year of big trout. we were lucky enough to go to a couple of spots and just slam massive trout and lots of them. for most of the summer. and looking at all the web sites and seeing what other guys are catching i think it's proof that the big ones were out there and they were caught. the big problem w/ me was the brazos stayed muddy most of the summer and now that it's finally clear the wind is howling straight down it. but other than that we caught the **** of specks. i just have to say though, i think that TPW ( really CCA NOW) really jumped the gun on that 25" rule. barring a big freeze this winter the trout are just getting bigger and plenty of them. but the best is yet to come!
i have had a great year south of the colorado. a couple good trips n of it. however, one of my 'ol faithful wade spots (when i leave the boat at home) has not paid off at all, fresh water messed it up for alot of the summer. i think like said above, if you know where to go, the fish have been stacked up in the saltier water(right in front of the sharks)
This year has been a very poor year for both Calcasieu and Sabine. Both lakes stayed fresh from Feb until July. Can't wait until March.

Pray that it doesn't freeze.
Fishanywhere! You said you fish down south...Are you talking south West Bay ,Christmas. Matagorda, POC, Rockport, CC,PM ?? I dont want to know your spot I am just curious as to where along the coast they are having a good year, maybe below the fresh water.... My feelings are the timing on when Trinity was hit with freshwater and staying fresh limited the amount of trout coming in the Galveston bays and limited all of the trout movement from bay to bay..they went south...
My fishing has SUCKED this summer

I have tried all the spots this year in East Bay that produced fish last year, I have failed to limit out on a single trip. Everyone I know personally that fishes East Bay has had a hard time catching .I have fished when I thought the conditions were perfect and used live bait, artificial,both topwater and plastic with little success. We had all the wind and the rain and my guess is that most of the fish went south. I guess I will start fishing the San Luis pass area the rest of the year.
I think this year rates as one of the best for me yet! So far I have 12 trout going over 25" and several in the 23" to 24" range! I would say that about 90% of those big trout came on top waters mainly super spooks fishing in West Bay from April 1 through now! Biggest trout went 8.6lbs in early June... Red fish action for me was great during May on the flats! I can't say that I have caught that many flounder yet, but I have yet to target them! That will come in mid October! I really don't think the winds make that much of a difference since most of my big trout have come fishing in 15 mph plus winds with tops! Though, I have spent more time on the water this year than others and have really started paying attention to my surroundings! I think the time on the water is the real key in regardsto locating the fish and noticing their patterns! It's hard for the average weekend warrior who fishes only 1 day per week to expect to hit it big all of the time unless he has an awesome network of fishermen who are willing to give exact GPS coords! This year, I broke down and took a few people to my honey holes only to find them there too frequently! Funny thing is, they don't know I know they are there since they don't know what my bote or yak looks like, but I know!!!


Ps. Oh, and the sharks are the worst I have ever seen this year! Big ones that is...
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good year

I target reds mainly and this has been an excelent year except for the few weeks of fresh water. I've limited out more times than I can count in Mudd Lake and some of my other holes are becoming productive. dwood
It stared out excellent this summer in the bays, but the heavy rains and freshwater slowed it down. It' picking up again now. I would have to say that I've had a good year except for the fresh water issue.
Curious as to how you came across your handle? "CentexAngler" Interesting handle...
Fishing this year has been way down for me

I have had few chances to really grind it out like I have had in the past and then throw in the weather geeess. I have caught some fish, nothing grand but always had fun. I guess I'm saving up any big catches for the flounder run in a few months...LOL
I wanted fish so bad one day while driving around, I thought about Long John Silvers.... Lucky for me there are some fine seafood eating joints close to home.
Poppincork, This has been a good year for my son and I when we could get out. We follow the fish, WB April thru early June, July and August its the jetties, EB, or the channel, Oct-Dec TB and WB. With the rain and wind this year, you had to be selective in your days and spots. For the most part we were at the jetties and limited on most trips. Looks like the bays are salting up and TBay should really turn on. As for fish caught, most of the trout were in the 17"-18" range. Lots of jug trout under birds with slimers mixed in. Just as we think things will shape up, we need to keep an eye on the tropics.
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