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fishing hard spots

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hey guys ju8st wondering if anybody has had any luck fishing hard spots , i bought cpt Carl's hard spot book even though i fish spi just trying to maybe learn some tips but am having no luck spoting " hard spots " on my furuno
what depth are they at? how to spot them while at cruise speed [15-22 mph }
are they this far south ?
any help from some body that knows how to fish them HELP
thanks pilar
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We have lots of hard bottom down here at SPI, but hardly anyone knows the spots but the pros on the head boats. It also takes a high quality powerful fishfinder and the knowledge of what to look for. You must know where is it in advance because you must be moving very slow. You are looking for a 'thin-line' clay bottom as opposed to a 'thick-line' soft sand bottom. I've got numerous hard bottom numbers for SPI, but I'm not giving them up. Sorry. There is hard bottom areas on the East Bank. The first time we found it, we were just drifting and searching for snapper bites. It took a while but we did find some. The East Bank begins 15 miles due east of the SPI jetty. Good luck.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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