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Gary Grahm of tamu galveston (bottom hang guide author)told me that although he has not completely figured it out that larger snapper seem to migrate away from school fish and will move to different hard spots...seems to corelated to breeding somehow. Little bill was dq'ed cause he worked as a deck hand on his dads boat (brand x)...I commercial fished with bill sr and bubba and quit after one trip cause I was releasing undersized fish and bill told me to throw them in a basket "he had better things to do than waste time and bait catching the same small fish twice"...both are great fishermen but don't seem to care about conservation. Rick Mcgaffey was the king of hard spots in galveston though before Carl even knew what a hard spot was. I worked at the yacht basin for several years and ran a tackle shop so I had the good fortune of picking everybodys brain. Big snapper require 3 things 1.time 2.gas money 3.a damned good bottom machine....there are some rigs where you can always get sows but they are way out there 65 miles and further.
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