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Pat and I took our daughter (Susie) and granddaughter (Kimberlee) fishing Saturday. Just looking for a tug on the line. Armed with fresh reports of specs and reds, our hopes were running high. OK, enough of that.

We launched at the Dike and headed for Campbell's Bayou. I guess we missed the bite because we couldn't give our bait away - live or artificials. And boats in the area were starting to pulling out.

Eventually we made our way over to the Bolivar side of the channel where Susie caught a nice 19 1/2" red - her personal best. After a quick hook removal and pic or two it was released to grow up.

So, we made a pit stop at the Yacht Basin and then headed out to the Crystal Beach surf. Hmmm, the surf was flat and the tide was just starting to go out.

We got into some bait fish and diving pelicans. BAM! Pat hooks up with a nice fish and after a brief battle, brought it to the side of the boat. It was a gafftop about 24" long. About the same time I hooked up with a big tug and a rip snortin' battle ensued...then the line went limp. Dang! It cut me off! Must been a Spanish Mack. So I tied on another chrome spoon with a heavy leader.

We pulled around and got in the bait fish again. Pat hooked up again. This time it was Kimberlee's turn to have a go at the fish. Between her and Pat, they gave it a good battle, but somehow the fish got off. Oh well, it felt good anyway.

It just so happened I was holding my rod (with reel cocked ready to cast) when I spotted a fish thrash the bait at the surface out behind the boat. I fired the spoon in that direction and hit him right on the head. Instant hookup! The Curado started squealing and the rod was bent, but the duo did their job and Pat scooped up the 24" Spanish Mack in the net just as it spit the hook. Whew! That was fun.

A big thunder boomer was heading towards us from the High Island area, so we decided to call it a day. It was hot and the bite was sporadic but we did have fun.

Note: While we were at the Yacht Basin, paramedics showed up. They were waiting for a boat to come in that was carrting an injured person. I hope everything turned out Ok for that person.


Pic #1 Pat and Susie
Pic #2 Susie with her Red.
Pic #3 Kimberlee and grandma
Pic #4 Crystal Beach surf! Can you say flat? :)


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Sounds like a fun outing, Mike. Looks like Team Stringer is growing. You need to get shirts and hats. Ain't it fun when the lure lands right in that swirl and the hit comes as soon as you turn the handle?

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those macs are fun! i landed a 25" one at slp surf on saturday. Had about a 27"er on the line, saw it right when it spit the hook. My father also had one take the shrimp and never stop (broke the line)
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