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The days have been beautiful early in the morning for fishing and the fish have been just great about biting when you find them. Sometimes you can catch your limit on the first stop, but most of the time you have to search for them. Just keep moving until you find a good bite. I give each stop about 15 minutes of fishing and if the fish are there you will know it by then. If not, just move to another spot.

I had a family out one morning this week. I am sorry to say it, but I couldn't find any redfish for them. They did catch 14 keeper trout and some were over 20 inches. It was a good day and the said they had a great time. I know I enjoyed watching them fish together with live bait for the first time.

Another trip this week with two men, we spent fishing in the rain. There have been a great many good fishing days lately. And you have to fish them when you can. Those two men caught 10 good trout with three over 20 inches and one 24 inch Redfish. They deserved everyone they caught because we were all soaking wet all day.

Just this past Saturday I took a friend of mine and his 7 year old son fishing. My friend used to be a fishing guide and is usually hard to beat. But on this trip I smoked him like a cheap cigar. The reason was, while I was fishing, he was taking care of his son. We went late in the day and we caught 10 nice keeper trout. Out of those fish, four were too big to keep. The 7 year old boy, Eric, caught and landed a 25 inch redfish. It was a hot day, but a great day of fishing. Oh, my friend caught one keeper trout. What a day!

Every day fishing is a great day!

Captain Neal Goodrich




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Love Mosquito Lagoon over in Florida. Right next to Kennedy Center. Fished and lived there for about 5 years. Great flats with huge trout and big shoulder reds. Caught my biggest trout over there. 31.5" but only 7.5lb.
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