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Newly formed(6/1/04) fishing discussion board is looking for input from the Houston area. It is geared toward south/central Texas fishermen and women. Non profit, family oriented. We will be covering the upcoming 2ofUs tourney with an article and pics. Hopefully, it will also appear in a new online fishing magazine recently started by one of our members. Hope to hear from all yall!


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I went over there and had a look

because of the link in the sig of another person. It might just be easier if ya'll come in here. Kick back, take your shoes off and make yourself at home, I bet you will not find a better or closer group of people anywhere on the net!
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JS said:
This is a great link if you are looking for laid back, family oriented fishermen who are looking to expand their fishing database. Make sure you include all the great people at *** when conducting your next recruiting mission. You will have a lively message board up and running in no time! JS
Then Don't forget the full time moderator on your new board...
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