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Talked a buddy of mine into going to SLP for some night fishing on Sunday with lights under the bridge. Fished towards the Galveston side and did pretty good. Caught tons of dinks with a some keepers mixed in. Ended up with two limits of specks. Through everything in the tackle box and it didn't matter. Used mainly Tsunami Glass minnows.

On Wednesday, 9/1, wanted to make the trip to my "secret" Redfish hole, Swan Lake, but my father in law wanted some flounder. Loaded the boat and headed for West bay. Saw quite a few undersized, 13 in., flounder but only managed to skewer 5. Had a blast nonetheless.

Looked at the surfcam today and noticed the beach was pretty flat. After sweet talking the Mrs. one more time about how fishing is therapy, loaded up at 4:00 and headed to Jamaica Beach. Decided to get some live shrimp and got in the water around 5:00. Water looked great! Three foot visibility !! Started catching an assortment of fish, Pompano, Lady fish, Blue fish, one tiny Jack Crevalle, Whiting, Needle fish and Specks. Ended catching around 20 specks and keeping 6 for the frying pan. I really enjoy fishing at night, however, there is something really cool to see a 20" speck in green clear water shaking it's head as your landing it!
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