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Had the chance of a life time to go off shore with a good buddy (like a brother) and some of his family yesterday (his brother, daughter and her b-friend). Boy, was it a great day on the water – we had nothing but non-stop action – not sure if the should be here or on the Fishing Reports or Blue Water – but have seen Walkin Jack post similar reports here, hence .. Mods if it needs to be moved, please do so. Left out of GYB ap;px 9:30am yesterday (06/10) . We caught Red Snapper, King, Shark (sand), Redfish (2 large), Atlantic Spade Fish, - basically you put bait in the water you had fish on the line – if bait was in the water – there was a fish on the line.

We had visitors of the dolphin nature show up later in the day to “snack” on the undersize snapper we had to throw back – one of them was hugh 13’ at least!

It was a crowded boat, but it was a great day.

Buddy (Kurt) has just re-engineered his boat with two brand new motors and all new electrics – he is still in his break-in with the motors – but they were very impressive and extremely quiet.

Pic 1 - Heading out.

Pic 2 – An amazing amount of boats at the south jetty heading out.

Pic 3 – first fish of the day

Pic 4 – First keeper fish of the day – MINE! – 18” snapper.

Pic 5 – Hubby’s fighting first fish on his new Billystix – Got it for him for our 10th anniversary.

Pic 6 – Hubby’s first fish on his new Billystix

Pic 7 – Landed

Pic 7a – Dolphin’s first King

Pic 8 – Shark

Pic 9 – Shark caught on Billystix

Pic 10 - Big Dolphin (this bad boy was the biggest dolphin I had ever seen – 13’ +)

Pic 11 – What powered us

Pic 12 – Boat

Pic 13 – Cleaning table


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