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My best friend Mudbottom. We started out at the pier at Cold Pass at daylight. I expected it to be a parking lot, but to my surprise there was no one there. We fished there for a while and caught one flounder about 16 inches. Mudbottom caught a couple of whiting. Lots of leg biters so we went to SLP bridge...that was a parking lot. Since the surf was flat, we decided to head out around thru the pass and look for pods of mullet. We found them and...we saw lots of mullet...some pods were so big, that it looked like the sun went behind a cloud. In 8ft of water, you could see the bottom. I think the problem was that the mullet were making so much noise on the surface, that it scared all the fish away...LOL

Mudbottom did manage to catch a couple of nice smacks. If it weren't for all the pics that I have seen with reports attached, I would have some doubt as to their veracity...LOL

It was good to be out on the water again and I am going wade fishing in the am. I will be in my 95 Dodge truck, silver and green. Stop by if you weant...Vic
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