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fish out of water

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Talk about your fish out of water! I was in Brownwood today on business and saw, parked beside the road for sale, a Trans Cat. In this part of the state is as rare and unknown as a virgin in Vegas.
I know that this will sound like a classified but I just want to help a guy. It is an '04, 21' Trans Cat with a 140 Zuke, Galvanized double axle trailer, GPS, trolling motor, etc.
I called to find out the price. He said he bought it from a buddy down near the gulf who had a stroke and could not use it anymore. He said that he did not get to use it either.
His asking price is $23.5k but he said that he's "entertaining offers". The hull and skeg look pretty good to me, being uneducated as I am in boating matters, I would say that it has not been mistreated or heavily used. It does, however, look like it's been sitting in the sun but the blue over gray paint will come back with some tlc.
If you're interested, or know someone, call (325)646-7677. Like I said, I don't know the guy, but, up here, he may be sitting on it a while.
Best wishes to all you that lost so much,
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