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Just Happy to Be Here!
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2Cool Fish Fry this Saturday, Noon til ??.

See the post here for directions, etc.: http://2coolfishing.com/ttmbforum/showthread.php?t=70525

So, who's coming? Post up please.

Also, please post if you're bringing a side dish, etc.

To take some of the heat off the guys, some suggested items would be:

Frozen Fries that can be cooked on site.


Tartar Sauce


Cocktail Sauce




Hot dogs, buns and fixings

Bring your beverages of choice

Anything else you can think of that goes good with fish! LOL

Does anybody have one of those Washer Throwing Games to bring? Would be fun to learn to play that.

The List: (We'll get a Mod to help us with updates)

GSMAN and Zork: Fish and more fish

Mrs. Zork: potato sald and pasta salad

Zork's friends: Brisket and sausage

outlaw_redneck_rocker: The Band "Kickin Klouds"

mastercylinder: "Bruce's world famous cocktail sauce" and tartar sauce

anolmaly: more fish

Putzliner: fish

troutmanmike: more fish & propane stand

fishologist and Mrs: fish

Pelican and Bay Gal: side dish

Swampus + 3 kids: exotic game meat and fries

Too Tall, Elena + 3 kids: hotdogs and fixings

*********, gatorbride + 3 kids: redfish and dessert

4FishingRods: ice, paper plates, paper towels

Mont: trailer with A/C

MT Stringer and Full Stringer

Mrs. B
: cake and side dish

Come From?: side dish

Allicat and sparky: fish and/or side dish



rio frio and Mrs.



(4-0 birthday boy)

Glen @ Stick'Em Rods & partners




Luv2Fish & Tom



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I'm leaving for North-Central Texas tomorrow, Bay Gal ....I'd like to come and put a face to the friendly names I've come to know from this board.

Speaking of French Fries of the frozen, earthly kind....Forget 'em! We want the heavenly fries! ....I believe it is Albertsons that carries a brand known as "Long Branch Fries" (something like that) ...They are the best of 'em all ....But I'm not sure Houston has any of these chain grocery stores.

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mastercylinder said:
i'm coming! and, i'm supposed to be a judge, so cooks, bring your "a-game". :spineyes:

i'll bring some of "bruce's world famous cocktail sauce," too. (i hope y'all like it with a liberal amount of horseradish).

Now you have gone and done it.....Horseradish is the key ingredient....Further proof God exists!

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I'm hoping to make it but may have to go to FL for a quickee wedding. Should know more this evening. If we do make it I'll tote a side or dessert, maybe a little yardbird since I don't do the fish thing.


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Maybe we can stop by on our way to the boat after 1:30PM, that would neat to meet you all. FINALLY. and i may have redfish after today, my brother is going fishing this afternnoon,i think , so if he catches some reds i will post up and somebody maybe could pick them up.and i will bring a dessert or something of interest if we do. See ya there hopefully.

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we'll be there

Family and I will be there. I'm bringing a couple of redfish on the halfshell to be cooked. We'll also pick up some ketchup and maybe I can con Mel into making a cake, she can bake some cakes now lemme tell ya.


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My brother is going CATCHING tommorrow

He changed his plans cuz it got late. I would have gone anyway BUT.so if the Good Lord blesses him with some reds, i will give them to you. Be praying that he catches a few. and we got dibs on em already. I'll let you know.
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