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Your Killing Your Oil

Turn the temperature down on your cookers. I run a restaurant for a living and I will tell you that by dropping you temperature to 350 degrees you can extend the life of your cooking oil and get almost twice the life out of it. What kills cooking oil is temperature, water, spices, an floating food pieces. Get you some filter cones and strain your shortening when it cools down. I know that I use commercial cooking equipment but my fryers run from 4am unitl 11pm and I can get a good 10 days usage out of the cooking oil before I throw it out. That's about 150 hours of hard usage. Yes I filter my fryers every day and no it does not look like burnt motor oil when I throw out. If the quality of my cooking oil effects the taste of my fried product I change it out then. No excuses accepted. As for disposing of old cooking oil, take it to your local burger joint. Pour it in their grease container. Just don't spill any on the ground around the conatiner. I really $%^& me off when one of my crew spills it outside, it is a mess to have to clean up. Used cooking oil is like nuclar waste, disposed of it properly becasue the enviorment does not break it down. The **** just hangs around and goes rancid. Just as a final note, the used cooking oil is recycled and is used it animal feed.
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