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Plane leaves on Thursday, September 12th from IAH at 1:15pm. That puts us in Belize City at 3:15pm. We have a cold one there and then hop on the puddle jumper to San Pedro. We'll be checking-in around 4pm that day. We'll get together for drinks in the bar at the Victoria House that evening and then everyone is on their own for dinner. Friday night we'll have a Belizean BBQ (pig in the beach) and Gary will play. Unplugged, unadulerated and lots of good stories from the seventies. A history lesson for sure. Saturday night we'll have a killer seafood dinner and another intimate evening with GPN. Sunday morning we suck it up, order bloodies and head home for Texas. Pros play hurt!

If anyone is interested please call my cell below. It's gonna be a blast.


PS The Victoria House is the finest hotel in Belize and exactly where Jerry Jeff Walker started his Camp Belize parties many years ago. The owners are also Texans.
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