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Wide angle lenses with extreme dof rule the day for stitiching photos. Just be sure to use manual mode, pick the best exposure with the smallest aperture possible and don't change it. Rotate you body around the camera if hand holding, don't rotate the camera around you. Camera needs to stay as close to one axis as possible and overlap shots MORE than looks necessary. Use at least 20% of the frame to overlap to get rid of the blurry seams. .

I've gotten better stitched images from my P&S than from my D200. It's not the camera.. I just ordered a tokina 12-24mm lens with panorama being high on my list of things to try with it. I hope that helps.

Looks like you are off to a great start. Stitching is just really neat if you take care and plan your shots, especially those shots that just won't fit in one frame no matter how hard you try..

If you have a canon camera, the stitch software "PhotoStitch" that comes loaded on the factory disk works pretty darn well. Works with any jpg file from any camera. I think it may be available free from canyons download site.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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