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Thanks for taking a minute to read this.

I am setting up a group charter for at least 20 military personnel and their family/friends. We are looking to take one of those 'group' charter boats out in the Gulf (out of Port 'A') either the first or second weekend of August. Included in the group will be military personnel that have just returned or will be leaving for duty overseas. We will be seeking a charter for a 5-6 hour trip. This charter doesn't have to consist of just our group alone as these group charter boats can hold a lot of people.

Anyway, I was curious if anyone has any suggestions on a dependable and talented charter that can set us up. A charter that can handle a few 'newbie' fisherman. Most of us have already been out before but there will for sure be some that will be going out for the first time. I, along with a few others going, can give tips on proper group charter etiquette but also seek a charter that can handle a few 'mishaps' that tend to happen with those that seek a good time yet don't know the basic fundamentals of being on a crowded boat.

Again, this won't be your ordinary crowd of tourists. Some will be there to relax after serving a tough tour and some will be there to relax before an upcoming tour. I need some advice on a good charter that focuses on the customer regardless of their fishing experience.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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