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wow-- finally its here--bow season--well i got up at 4 am--dove 45 min to jefferson texas--where i met my buddy mark and we drove to a new -- very very small track--only 20 acers--surrounded by gobs of acers--i had never set foot on this property untile this morning--we walked up a grass grown up oilfeid road with pines on both sides--its still dark--he takes me to a stand i know nothing about i find vines and sapplings growng in it--we scatter some corn cuz the feeder was filled with wasps--i get set in the stand--watchin the dark turn into different hughes and the sun trying to come up and the birds starting to chirpin--all the time trying to figure where these deer may or may not come from--and the lighter it gets the more i realize there are really no shooting lanes-- they would have to be ontop of me before i could get a good shot--well this was one of the hunts that u just enjoy being out doors--like fishin they dont call it catchin--then as the hours went on i know my buddy well --he tryes to sneek up on me to seee if im sleepin (i have gotten some of the best sleep in a stand--lol)--but i quietly tell him i see-ya and we talk about what we did not see--deer--we have many different tracks to hunt on and many different stands to choose from some prepared some not--but thats what makes it fun--thats why we call it hunting--we have tracks from 20 acres to hundres of acers--i just put up my game came today on a track i hunt every year and its 40 acers--i hope to have pics next weekend for ya--it just nice to get out--and by the way --i am on deadly to 30 yds even though most shot are 10 to 20--hope yall had a great opening day i know i did just gettin out:D
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