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Hey FS552,
Honestly it will probably suit your needs as is. First of all stay away from agressive tires. You don't want anything that will dig (wider would be great). I think a 2" lift kit would be a good idea. I used to play with 4x4's. I had a 84 Chevy swb pu with 4" susp. lift 2"body 300hp 350 4bm on 38 radial SuperSwampers. It was hell on wheels in the rice fields but you had to be carefull on the sand. If you need any further help let me know, I'll do all I can. Oh yeah bud thanks for the tip on the 3/0 wide kits. I haven't heard anything yet but I certainly appreciate the effort. Feel free to email me if you want. Hell of a nice ride bud. I'm happy for you.
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