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Finally a 4WD

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My wife and I bought a 2000 4WD Suburban and can't wait to hit the beach for some good family fishing fun with our 4 boys.
Anything I should know about Suburbans and the beach?



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I've got a 2001 4x4 Blazer. It's an s-10 and not near as heavy but has the same weight distribution. Very different than a truck. I put 30x9.50 BFG A/T and I love the look it gives my blazer but my stock Laredo tires did better in the soft sand than the bfg's do...they dig in ALOT more. It takes alot more gas to go a long way on the beach in soft sand...ie...PINS trip. I have slowed down fishing way up matagorda beach due to the gas situation. The big upside to the offroad tires is when your not in the sand. There are plenty of places around the beach that can bury you in a min. Having those good tires means the difference from getting out or getting your wallet out for a tow. I pulled a full size f150 4x4 out of the mud at high island. He had those stock goodyear wranglers on it...he was smart and didn't bury it so it was really easy to yank him out. A word about road driving.....I find the bfg a/t's to be very harsh on the road and also very hard to keep balanced...just my own experience. I actually like the road ride on the mud terrains better....just my opinion...
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One more thing.....do yourself and your suburban a favor and get some offroad shocks installed. i'm not a mechanic and I did it myself. I have the rancho rsx-9000x shocks. They are very adjustable for road driving or offroad driving, you can even get a switch to adjust the ride that mounts indash. They were very affordable considering how much they help your stock ride when getting into the beach driving environment. It can get pretty rough in the remote areas where you need a 4x4. The feel of the ride on my blazer is totally different now...much much better.
1 - 2 of 41 Posts
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