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Finally a 4WD

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My wife and I bought a 2000 4WD Suburban and can't wait to hit the beach for some good family fishing fun with our 4 boys.
Anything I should know about Suburbans and the beach?



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About how much higher should it be and how much will it cost to get it lifted.
Right now it has 265/70/16 Michelins Cross Terrain SUV's on it, are those the same as all terrains? Will they work for now? They look brand new and it be kind of hard to convince my wife to buy new tires.

Thanks for all the info guys, I really appreciate it. I don't want to get into any trouble down the beach so i'm really absorbing all this usefull info. My family and I drove down PINS this evening. We drove about 6 miles past the 4WD drive sign and drove through some really soft stuff. I pushed the 4HI right away and we went right through it. I don't know if I did the right thing or not but we did not get stuck.
I wanted to go further but I was traveling by myself with my family and we were losing daylight quick and didnt want to risk getting stuck in the dark.
Can you all tell me the when is the best time to use 4HI, 4LO, and Auto 4WD.
Also is the Auto 4WD drive the same thing as the auto track you all were mentioning earlier?
Oh and should I stop before I engage in either 4hi or 4lo? Or can I just push the button while i'm driving. If not, well I already did it once LOL.
The ride was bumpy, but the boys loved it. The electronic lumbar support on the captains chairs came in usefull with the bumps.
What kind of equipment should I carry when I go down PINS. So far i'v come up with a shovel, Lou mentioned an air pump and gauge.
Oh say I get a flat how do I keep the jack from sinking in the sand while trying top lift the truck
I feel like i'm asking alot of dumb questions and i'm sure i'll have alot more but this is my first 4WD and I want the trips down the beach to be an enjoyable expereince.

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SSISharklady said:
Hey Fred email me so I can send the picture of the shark. Nice ride by the way.


[email protected]
Thanks...you have mail.
Argo said:
BTW my fuel mileage does stink. :)
Tell me about it. It took $44.00 to fill up the suburban yesterday. I ententionaly
let it run close to empty so that I coulld figure out how many miles per gallon I was getting. Turned out to be 13.65 miles per gallon.
Does that sound right bigdav160?

So should I use the Auto 4wd button down the beach or just use 4hi or 4lo
when the conditions require me to use 4wd.

Also is it pretty much safe to say that my suburban is beach worthy just as it is?
Thanks to argo, bigdav160 and everyone else that has supplied their input.
Thanks argo,
BTW...how many mpg's are you getting on your expy?
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