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Last weekend I knocked a few items of the Honey Do list and had some free time to go fishing Sunday. We spent the nights at my sister in laws and my nephew was there so I invited him fishing. I set the alarm for 5am but for some reason it did not go off. I woke up at 5:30am and headed off to Walmart for a cooler.

We headed out to the Galveston side of the ferry landing and called my usual fishing buddy to wake his arse up. Turns out that he ws headed out to the landing as well and was about 2 exits behind me about to pull over and buy some bait at Exit 10(mobile bait on a trailer in weekends***)

My nephew and I started fishing around 7:45 after breakfast at the landing. I bought him that H20 $24.00 reel at Academy and gave him a new rod I never used. He kept getting bird nests and he slowly got them cleared. The bited were slow. All we had were watermellon green tandem minnows with a flourecent orange tail for bat(.48 cents each at Academy)

We fished for about 30 minutes before I hooked a flatty. I called My nephew to get the net. He was excited to see the fish and reached to swoop the fish and it got loose. The tandon jigs only had 1 hook. After loosing 3 more flattys I decided to use some Mexican Engeneering to use.
I got 2 trebble hooks out and wouldn't you know it, the eye of the small tebble just bareley made it through the tip and bar of the larger hook of the jigs.

There I was and kept feeling somthing strike at my lures, a kept casting over and over and about the 5 try, fish on. This time my nephew stook on a rock and I told him net it and he did just that. As soon as I got him to the grassy area the line on the jig got loose and the fish was flapping every where. I too out the measuring tape and people were going nuts over this welcome matt flatty. Measured just a hair short of 23 inches. We had a good time.

The good thing about the 2 founder rule is that peopel share their catches. A guy gave my nepthew an 18 inch flounder. We called the Game warden an a guy who had about 20 flounder over by the houses and was fishing on the rocks but no one ever came. 2 weeks ago the people I reported were not so lucky, too bad I did not apply for the reward. They had 7 flounder in their cooler.

The last picture is what my friend and his 3 buddies cought
Sorry for the poor quality cell cam pix.


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