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I got my first "serious" camera last fall, a superzoom, and told my self I need to learn how to take good photos (as opposed to snapshots). This spring I upgraded to an SLR. Seems like many times, I would download a few hundred pics from the last week/month, and scan thru them and not see 2 decent pic in the bunch. But over the year, I have managed a few pic I really like.

So, here are a few of my best (non-baby) pics for 2009. They don't stand up to most of Rusty's or Aralons's or most every other poster here, but I like them. C&C welcome, thanks for looking!

Best of the superzoom, I can't decide which I like better:
Lone Worker:

Busy Bee's:

And from my "new" Oly e410:

Alvin train station:

Mustang Bayou:

And the Best flower shot of the year goes to:

So there they are, the best of my best. I know I still need to work on my Post skills, usally I just screw up the pic in PP, so that will be my goal for '010, to learn lightroom and Post Proccessing in general.

C&C welcome, thanks for looking!


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LOL, thanks for the plug.. To have my name on the same line as Rusty's is quite an honor. I might have to print and frame that line. (-:}

I really like the plumbago. One of my favorite plants!
Did good not blowing out the whites on the magnolia too.

One of the best things you'll notice about getting into photography is how much more you see (with or without a camera).
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