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WE must pay careful attention to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away.
Hebrews 2 :1 niv

If you lose your faith, you will probably do so gradually. You will let a few days slip by without your compass. Your sails will go untrimmed. Your rigging will go unprepared. And worst of all, you will forget to anchor your boat. And , before you know it, you will be bouncing from wave to wave in a stormy seas.
And unless you anchor deep , you could go down.
How do you anchor deep? Look at the verse again: "we must pay more careful attention . . . to what we have heard. . . "
The most reliable anchor points are not recent discoveries, but are time-tested truths that have held thier ground against the winds of change. Truth like : My life is not furtile.
My failures are not fatal.
My death is not final.

Attach your soul to these boulders and no wave is big enough to wash you under.

Max Lucado
Have A great day ... From the Sopted Ape
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