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I took these images in our backyard (Houston) the evening IKE was beginning its devastating push into Galveston and a couple the morning after.

Jason and Bridget, my oldest son and daughter-in-law evacuated their home in Galveston and stayed with us along with my niece, Brittney, Josh and their one year old son, Camden who also live in Galveston. We knew it was going to be a bad one and it was. Fortunetley, we didn't suffer much damage here in west Houston due to the northerly track Ike took once it made landfall. Our worst damage was a downed fence and a loss of electricity for about 36 hours plus we're still having water pressure problems. We still don't know the outcome of Jason and Bridgets house and condo or Brittney's apartment.

It looks like Galveston proper may have been spared massive devastation because the seawall did its job! We all need to say a prayer for everyone effected by this horrific storm.


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