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here is my equipment: for those who say you have to have a 1500.00 rod and reel combo to catch fish.....well.....maybe "you" do......but, this works well too....orvis clearwater, ross reel, and 17 mono line as my leader, and that is it....good luck to all. see you on the water .


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I Fly Anglers Edge, At The Galleria,
I Used To Tye All My Flys, I Am Not That Good At It , And Poppers Are Hard To Do. So I Just Buy Poppers At The Shop And I Get The Rest Off Ebay For Very Cheap....
hey guys,
thanks for the support, you know when i go into the shop in houston, i always hear these guys talking about, their 1200-1500 dollar set ups, and there big trips to "where ever", and that great for them....but, i just wanted to say to all of us who just fish....and fish all the time....that we dont care about your 50,000 dollar skiffs, and your 1500.00 rod and reel combos, what we care about is good fishing, and keeping things simple. And from one fly flisher to another, here is where the fish are , and here is what "fly" , they are smacking.......and that to me is priceless, for all the fly fishers out there, 95% of the time we might not be able to outfish the conventional rod and reel. You should have seen the faces of the guys that had to watch me pull in trout after trout , after trout, on my fly rod, and top water fly , and they could not get any takers on there "custom" rods, Chronarchs, and 6 dollar topwaters.......because this is a fly fishing forum i just thought i would lift us up a little.....after all that.....its still just fishing and i love any kind. But sometimes at the boat ramp, i feel that these guys that talk so much "stuff" , and buy all this super fishing equipment, and i see them one time, well, it may be for them, but for us simple fly fishers. Get it done......Good luck to all my flyfishers and i hope to see you out on the water soon.....i will keep you posted on condtions and flies i am using....
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yeah, sometimes i have a ramble moment, that was one. Peace justin.
Like i said, i am sloppy, with my flytying, i am below par for my casting, i have many "a" Guide , tell me that i can cast with the best of them , but, it may not be "by the book, technically correct"......I will say this, when i was a younger just learning to cast, i always made sure that my load time was the most important thing. because if you dont give you rod enough time to load up. it wont shoot as far......So even if my load fell to the ground, i still was able to shoot the maximum distance......try that . ...
I Dont Change The Back From The Front When I Was Begining, But You Might Do So , Like I Said Just A Pointer.
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