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here is my equipment: for those who say you have to have a 1500.00 rod and reel combo to catch fish.....well.....maybe "you" do......but, this works well too....orvis clearwater, ross reel, and 17 mono line as my leader, and that is it....good luck to all. see you on the water .


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Thanks SSP I'm always open to learning!
SSP please notice that I've had my first lesson and my radar is trying to scope you out..still trying to put the pieces of the rhythm together but I'd say that I'm about 75% there..having abit of trouble getting the power surge in the forward cast..not trying to man handle just trying to keep it from fizzeling out..could use another pointer or two..BTW just to sit for a minute and watch the correct action would help alot too..didn't actually get to watch anyone that knows how to cast...
one of my girlfriends from TLA was casting the other day and actually got to see her first "fish wake" headed for her fly...2cool
I would think once you have the concept of what the line is suppose to do..each person would have to make slight adaptations to get the full response....hopefully I can get out theis weekend and practice some more..heard there is a rain chance though..
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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