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I thought some of you might know of a litter or someone that will be breeding in the future.

I am looking for an English Springer Spaniel from field or hunting bloodlines. I want to find a male pup that I can acquire in the 7th week. I require the tail be docked to hunting lengths and prefer a lot of liver color on the dog. Along with flushing for the hawk and blood trailing I will also use the dog to hunt dove/ducks sitting at ponds and field and find the mostly white dogs too flashy. I am not looking for a high dollar Field Trial or Kennel Name dog, just good hunting blood. The dog will also be a companion for my wife and I and needs to be from gentle stock. I am located in Central Texas and wish to find a pup within a day's drive or someone that is coming to Texas and can bring a pup with them.

Thanks, Ed Thomas, Round Rock, Texas.
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