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Jared, his step son and I grinded out a long day yesterday to only be rewarded with 6 trout and 1 red. It was a long and tough day to say the least. We fished from around 8:30am until 4:00pm and only had 2 trout in the box with a couple of misses. The bite finally got steady just before dark but it was too little too late. We only landed one trout that reached the four pound mark and the other fish were just 15-18" trout with a 27" red mixed in. We had a couple of fish pull off and missed a few but still an extremely slow day. What was most impressive was the fact that the youngster grinded it out with us all day long without ever complaining or even taken a break, that boy loves to fish! I have a wedding to go to tomorrow so won't be out on the water again until Sunday, our best color lately has been the pink fat boy. I fish the floater and change out the front hook to make it sink as slow as possible. Our fish have been holding over shell and mud in 3-4' of water. Happy New Year!

Capt. Adam Jaynes
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