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Decided to evacuate to the lodge after Ike knocked my power out in Baytown so I figured I'd bring the shotgun and the 6x6 along to leave it down there. Hunted Sunday morning in the rain over around Sheridan and only saw a few groups that didn't want anything to do w/ us so that was a bust. Talked to another guy and he said they shot quick limits closer to El Campo. Hunted Monday in a freshly flooded field North of El Campo from the 7.5" of rain we got Sunday and had 2 limits by 7:10. Boy was it nice to not be sweating while putting out decoys. Had to head back home Monday after the hunt to check on the house. Headed back down Tuesday night to guide a 4 man party on Wednesday. Birds were stacked in this fresh pond and we had 5 limits by 7:05. We had 2 other groups hunt yesterday and they both shot limits. Was planning on hunting this morning, but they got the temp. power hooked up so I had to come to work. Dang the bad luck. I'm looking for a party tomorrow if anyone is intersted PM me for details.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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