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You can see the pics of the two yellowfins we got on the overnighter to Tequila with Farmer Jim on the TTMB or the BW board. I cooked a chunk a new way on Sunday nite. I looked at all the ready made marinades and selected a bottle of Lawrys "Baja Chipotle" 30 minute marinade. I had a "tenderloin" of tuna about 2 or 3 inches in diameter and about 10 inches long that I cut into little steaks about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches thick. I put them in a bowl and coated them with the marinade fo 30 minutes. on the stove, I heated up my corrugated-bottom grill pan with some olive oil. I sizzled those babies on medium about 3 - 4 mins per side. The marinade behaved so well in the pan that I added the rest left in the bowl when I turned the steaks over. They were golden and had nice grill marks, the meat turned white from the outside in and was still warm and pink on the inside....i e just perfect. (for those who dont know it, there is absolutely no fishy taste in the pink center of a nice piece of tuna...just the opposite, if you cook it too much it begins to dry and tastes like canned tunafish...and the texture of the pink center is pleasant...kind of melt in your mouth easy to chew). The marinade made it very tasty. I didnt use any further dipping sauce. Bon Apetite
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