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What are Easter Eggs? Maybe not what you first thought, they are hidden programs or bugs in software you may have installed right now.
Microsoft Word
Open the program and type (I think this is more of a bug than anything)
= rand (200,99)

Windows 98
Volcano names
1: Right click on desktop, chose Screen Saver tab then choose 3D Text.
2: Type in the word "volcano" in the 3d text box settings.
3: Click OK then preview to see the names of volcanic mountains.

1. Right click the desktop and click properties.
2. Click the screen saver tab and select 3D pipes.
3. Click properties and set pipes to multiple, resolution to Max, pipe style to traditional, joint type to mixed, and surface style to solid.
4. Launch the screensaver and look for a teapot as a joint!

There are tons of them hidden in everything from Software to Music. Do a google search and see what all you can find.

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