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Bit of a late start on Saturday, but we bounced out East. Nothing but sharks on the East end of the H-Banks. Water was green. Went 0 for 4 on keeper ling off the H-Bank. Ton of bait at the rigs, but no snapps.

Wind really picked up around 11:30. Baby white caps on all the swells. Weed lines inside 45 miles held nothing but bait.

Found a weed line at around 50 n.m. for a bunch of chickens. Nothing great, but some nice bailers. The big dolphin on location would not eat, and lost two baits to a real nice ling.

Finally hit a wreck a little further off for two limits of snaps and some kings. Water still green. Also picked up a keeper ling that we never saw until it came to the boat. 1 for 5 on ling is pathetic, but some days its like that.

Run home was kinda rough with the side swell. Choppy 2.5 and then a quick set of three 4 footers in a row. Pulled the props at least 5 times and the spray was just enough to be agrivating.

End result - 8 snaps to about 23 inches, 6 kings, kept one, one 40 inch ling, and about 10 dolphin. Caught only one undersized snap all day. Of course, c&r'ed a bunch of sharks.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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