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Fished East Matty the last couple of days with my buddy Chuckclay and were able to get on a few fish. Monday produce 14 trout up to 27" my personal best and 4 flounder to 20" also caught 20+ dinks and a few rat reds. All were caught on tails in knee to thigh deep water on an outgoing tide. Today was more of the same managed 12 keepers with as many throw backs. i was chunkin lime/tequila sand eel jr's and CC was throwing morning glory devil eyes.


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cap't rc

DeltaDucks_Ag said:
nice day. it looks like the water has been real good down there. I can't wait to get out of college station and start pickin up some specs. You guys are making me jealous. Ya'll seeing any ducks?
did you guys do a guided trip?that looks like rob cummings boat
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