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Fished with Pops and my uncle-in-law over the weekend and found bird trout on the Northeast Shoreline of East Matty in shallow water off tails. 5 trout and 1 redfish keepers plus ton of throwbacks. I caught 7 dinks in seven casts at one stop but the keepers were hard to come by. Good fun though!

Pops made da DUCK to die for Saturday night and we ate full and slept in a little so we didn't get on the sandbar until about 8 but we all hooked up immediately.

We had a hot bite for about 30 minutes then it cooled down and we grinded it out trying to catch the outgoing bite but it never really turned on.

Ended up with 6 keepers and a handfull of throwbacks. All fish but one were caught on Tops Bone or Pink Skitter or the Black and Chrome and Clown X-Rap 13 for me.

Heading to the upper coast for an evening wade today.

Reports from Galveston yesterday were on FIRE.
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